Spring Events Calendar

Discover delicious February 2015 gelato events!

Wednesday, 11 February – Reopening of Carpigiani Gelato Shop
After the winter break, come to our reopening!
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm
Info & reservations gelateria@carpigiani.it T 00390516505229

Thursday, 12 February – Valentine’s Day Special
Gift ideas made especially for sweethearts. Delicious creations made with gelato and pure chocolate and a new limited edition flavor: Romeo and Juliet!

From Thursday, 12 February – Mardi Gras in the Gelato Shop!
From Tuesday the 12th to Tuesday the 17th come enjoy the flavor dedicated to Mardi Gras!
Special price: only €1 for children who come to the gelato shop in costume

Saturday, 14 February, from 3 pm to 5 pm: Valentine’s Day Workshop
Make a delicious gelato cake together with your sweetheart in our gelato laboratory!
The workshop includes: cake design, filling, and decorating with gelato and chocolate.
Cost per couple: €25. Limited space available.
Info & reservations: T 00390516505306 info@fondazionecarpigiani.it

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Gelato Team Building

Teamwork is a sweet thing! An activity designed for professionals and companies.
Participants will spend a full day in the production area of Carpigiani Gelato University divided into teams challenging each other in the creation of
the most original flavor. Presentation and name creativity, not to mention product quality and flavor, will be evaluated by a jury of experts.

Download here the presentation!


Gelato Emotions

Gelato is an emotional reward at any age. That’s why  Gelato Museum starts a new year full of surprises. In collaboration with Carpigiani Gelato University, we will get you delicious and cool emotions so you can enjoy learning more about the world of artisan gelato. A challenge till the last spoon!

Click here for further information!

Info and reservations: T 0516505306; info@fondazionecarpigiani.it



Gelato School

Carpigiani Gelato Museum aims to promote artisan gelato culture throughout the world. To reach this goal, the museum organizes training labs for youth of all ages to teach children and young adults gelato science and culture.

After the success of the last year, some news are along from the 1st of October 2013. Organized by Gelato Museum in collaboration with Carpigiani Gelato University, delicious training labs will guide kids and teenagers through history, physics and chemistry of gelato. A funny journey within exciting world of gelato!


Click here for further information!

Info e reservations: T 0516505306; info@fondazionecarpigiani.it




Bologna Welcome Card

Taste Gelato History: visit us with BOLOGNA WELCOME CARD!

Gelato Museum Carpigiani, the  first museum in the world dedicated to the artisan gelato history, culture and technology, is welcoming Bologna Welcome Card owners who can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on a gelato tasting and a guided tour to the museum (full price would be 5 €; be sure to carry the card with you).

What is Bologna Welcome Card?

It is a special card for visitors which can be purchased at Bologna Welcome infopoint. You will be entitled to discounts on history and art tours in Bologna, to a wide range of information about events and to cultural initiatives taking place in the area.

For further information, visit Bologna Welcome website!


bologna welcome card

Carpigiani Gelato Museum Scoops
a World Record

The Carpigiani Gelato Museum entered the World Record Academy

Anzola dell’Emilia, 12 October 2012 – Yesterday the World Record Academy recorded a new world record. The Carpigiani Gelato Museum entered the World Record Academy (www.worldrecordacademy.com) as the first cultural center dedicated to the understanding and study of the history, culture, and technology of gelato and the expertise of the innovators who drove its evolution over the centuries.

A New Arrival at the Gelato Museum!

The Carpigiani Gelato Museum has been enriched with a new, important element, witness and protagonist of gelato history: the gelato cart.
Maria Giulia Magli, Beta, and Fraufa have donated a gelato tricycle from 1938 to the Carpigiani Foundation. It was delivered to the museum on 29 October 2013.


The Gelato Tricycle
The cart, connected to a tricycle, was made by the Giovannini company of Faenza, a specialist in the business. The Impero style tricycle is equipped with a carbide lighting system and two tubs: one for storing gelato and the other for holding spatulas and scoops.

Carrettino dei gelati

“Il carretto passava e quell’uomo gridava “gelati!”
Al 21 del mese i nostri soldi erano già finiti…”
Lucio Battisti, I giardini di marzo, 1972

Gelato Carts in History
Thousands of gelato street vendors invaded the cities of Europe and America. The dessert was added to the menus of bars and restaurants. If the customers didn’t go into the restaurants, vendors pushed their carts into the streets to ring their bells and sound their horns to attract attention. “Gelato, gelato!” they called, moving into the streets on March 19 of every year, welcoming the arrival of spring.



A taste of gelato history

A taste of gelato history.

How much has gelato changed over the years, from its origins to today? Find out together with the main character of our new video. Experience the delicious world of gelato, its tasty facts, ancient recipes, exotic places and adventures that cross through centuries of history. Can you pass all the tests, answering all the questions about our favorite food? The Gelato Museum is an experience that must be savored, even through video!


Gelato museum is celebrating its first birthday with special openings and unforgettable laboratories at the Gelato Lab! Guided tours will be held starting from 3pm till 7pm!


At 3 and 4 pm – Gelato Cake Design laboratory: adorn your cake and…take it home!
Duration: 1h
Price for two people: 20€ (includes n.1 cake, tastings and gelato cocktail)

At 5 pm: training lab for kids “Journey through time with gelato”

From 4 pm Gelato Cocktail show: a Rossini Gelato with some tomato and basil gelato snack! Do not miss the flavor of the day, Cheese Cake with blueberry sauce…put on the “Gelato Museum” mood!


INFO & RESERVATIONS: info@fondazionecarpigiani.it t. 0516505306Gelato Museum Birthday

Gelato Museum at Orvieto Gelati Festival

May 1st-4th, Orvieto, ItalyThe Gelato Museum organizes a temporary exhibition at the GELATI D’ITALIA FESTIVAL in Orvieto at Palazzo dei Sette.
20 gelato chefs from the 20 Italian regions will compete with their best flavours and Carpigiani Gelato University teacher Palmiro Bruschi will teach how to prepare at home a delicious fruit sorbet.

Check out the full programme www.igelatiditalia.it